The use of bispectral index monitoring (BIS) in intensive care – a collaborative UK multiregion survey

SEARCH collaborated with SPARC-ICM and five other trainee led networks to produce this topical and interesting piece of work.  On the back of NAP-5, the groups wanted to survey ICUs throughout the country to ascertain the use of bispectral index monitoring.  Clinical directors of 57 ICUs (5 in KSS) were asked to fill out a simple questionnaire.  The results showed that 45% of ICUs had one BIS monitor available for use with only 37% actively using BIS.  BIS was much more widely used in neurosurgical ICUs (5 out of 7 units).  Surprisingly 50% of the ICUs not using BIS at present would not consider using it!  SPARC-ICM will be looking to use this data to inform a clinical trial in the future – good luck to them, and thanks for asking us to help with collaboration!