A multicentre audit of practice of hospitals in KSS against NICE Inadvertent Hypothermia guidance and the detection of incidence of peri-operative hypothermia.

SEARCH’s first regional project took place 26th November 2014. It was a one day sprint audit undertaken by 33 anaesthetic trainees, in 14 hospital site across 8 NHS trusts. 417 operations were audited.
The audit was undertaken using anonymous paper programs on the day and the results uploaded bh local leads to a secure online data uploader. There was unfortunately an issue with the data uploader which meant some data had to be re-entered manually leading to significant delay.
Overall 86% of cases which met NICE criteria for intra-operative warming received at least one form of intra-operative warming. Only 43% of patients had their temperature measured preoperatively, only 51% had it measured intra-operativly. Almost all patients has a post-operative temperature measured. 
The incidence of peri-operative hypothermia (<36’C) was 19.6% pre-operatively, 20.8% intra-operatively, 19% on admission to recovery and 9.1% on discharge from recovery.
These findings suggest that more that could be done to detect and treat pre-operative hypothermia and that there is little change in the incidence of hypothermia until recovery.
Presented at RCoA Spring Symposium: Peri-operative Medicine May 2015