A joint project ICM PAINT was undertaken with PLAN (Pan London Audit Network). Its primary aim was to quantify physical led pain assessment in the ICU.

Data collection covered 2 time points over 48 hours, ideally 24 hours apart. 
Proforma 1 (unit data): This collected basic details of the intensive care unit. It also assigned a ‘code’ to all doctors scheduled to work in the ICU over the data collection periods. This allowed the anonymous audit of an individual doctors practice.
Proforma 2 (medical record data): This allowed data to be collected from each patienton the ICU. Data was collected from entries  in the medical notes over the 24-hour period, including patient demographics, details of the physicians entry into the notes, details of analgesic and sedation regimens,information on nursing pain assessment. 
10 SEARCH hospitals. 35 London Hospitals. 13 KSS trainees
Overall data for over 700 patient episodes.
Estimated around 400 doctor practices.
Data currently being analysed however this is the first British data on physician-led pain assessment in ICU and ICM Paints results should raise awareness of pain assessment and management on the ICU.